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Product recall management software

No business is immune from a possible product recall.

In situations like this, you’ll be trying to manage the risk posed to the end consumer while minimising damage to your brand reputation through raising awareness of the recall. Shping Security offers brands the tools to take charge in these circumstances.

Product recall management can be activated by your brand in response to consumers lodging a complaint via the Shping App’s incident reporting capabilities. You can also activate this feature if any of your suppliers have announced a product recall.

A key piece of information in this report is the location of the recalled products. This encompasses specific warehouses, distributors and retailers with the product in stock.

Within minutes, all parties in question can be contacted to begin removal of the recalled product. If any consumer uses the Shping app to scan the recalled product, they will be notified that the product shouldn’t be consumed. Consumers who may have scanned and purchased said product prior to the recall announcement would immediately receive a push notification informing them of the recall.

When your brand announces a product recall, Shping immediately generates a report disclosing all details in relation to the specific product, including:
  • Any other products containing the recalled ingredient.
  • Date and place of production.
  • Any other ingredients used.
  • Production dates and sources for each ingredient.
  • Who handled the product from point of production.
  • Temperatures the product was exposed to.
Anti-counterfeiting protection

The implementation of Shping Security includes a product verification feature.

Simply by scanning a product barcode with the Shping app, consumers can ensure its authenticity. This feature presents a benefit for both the client and your business. Each time a potential counterfeit good is scanned, you are alerted to its precise location, along with any additional information required to initiate the appropriate measures.

Grey import protection

Shping Security provides a complete view of your supply chain.

Brands owners can identify exactly where their products are scanned and monitor the complete chain of custody for each product. Our platform discourages distributors from shipping to another country without your brand’s consent. When your product is scanned in an unauthorised location, you will receive an alert of attempt to sell grey imported product. Subsequently, your brand can then take the desired course of action with the offending distributor. Our grey import protection capability enables brands to protect their margins and allows them to set pricing for different markets. Exclusive distributors would surely appreciate brand efforts to protect their markets.


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