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Turn the smartphone into a security checker.

For a $3.8 billion industry, brand protection has not been a simple problem to solve. The security market is fragmented with an estimated 300 authentication solution providers, most lacking the compatibility to travel across border and different stages of the supply chain.

Why brands are using it

Shping Security is one of the few solutions providers that not only uses global industry standards for traceability, but also offer consumer participation to ensure authenticity from the start of the supply chain, right to the very end.

Build Consumer Confidence.

Partnerships with major certification authorities and global industry standards bodies like GS1 provide Shping users with timely information about a product’s recall status, certification, legitimacy and origin.

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Manage Recalls.

Alerting consumers about product recalls has never been easier. You can effectively manage risk to consumers and minimise damage to the brand - with the simple touch of a button all relevant parties along the supply chain will be notified of a recall, including customers. We can also track individual ingredients from its source, so can provide alerts for recalled items based on a single ingredient.

Stop grey imports & counterfeits.

Each time a product is scanned, you can be alerted to its precise location. To prevent counterfeiting, a product verification feature can verify authenticity for consumers, and alert you to potential counterfeits. While for grey imports, you will be alerted if your product is scanned in an unauthorised location, and you can pinpoint which part of the chain of custody has breached its contractual agreement.

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