• Only use the Shping App to scan products you have purchased or intend to purchase.
  • Write reviews in relation products you have actually used
  • Reviews must be genuine and informative for others
  • You should not exceed the daily scan limit. Currently the daily limit is set to 150 scans, but this may be adjusted from time to time.
  • In addition to the daily limit, you should not exceed monthly limit of scans. Currently the monthly limit is set to 1000 scans but this may be adjusted from time to time.
  • You should not create multiple accounts in order to abuse the fair usage policy. The limit is 1 account per person.
  • You should aim to scan most products in-store.
  • You should not scan the same product multiple times.

Please note that this is not a replacement of Authenticateit Pty Ltd terms and condition. The purpose of this document to help you understand how to minimise the chance of being restricted or suspended while using the Shping App.